Two charged with robbery from nearly three years ago

By Janice Gregorson

Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

Two Rochester men face robbery charges nearly three years after they allegedly went into a pizza business, duct-taped a 16-year-old employee and fled with about $100.

Stuart James Holmberg, 21, 453 13th Avenue N.W., No. 4, and Terry Adam Engle, 26, 226 10th St. N.E., are each charged with first-degree aggravated robbery and false imprisonment, both felonies.

They are accused of going into Zadeo’s Pizza at 303 Elton Hills Drive N.W. about 10:30 p.m. on Jan. 27, 2006, armed with a knife and gun.


The 16-year-old employee had just put the day’s cash receipts away, and was preparing to close. The two masked robbers entered through an unlocked back door, one armed with a gun, the other a knife, she said.

While one tried to open the cash register, the other bound the clerk’s feet and hands with duct tape and put tape over her mouth, the complaint said.

After they fled, she pulled her hands out of the tape, used scissors to cut her feet free and called her manager.

The business lost $145.

A small, red pickup, occupied by two men, was seen at Zadeo’s service doors that night.

The investigation didn’t move forward until May 20, 2008, when police received information that led them to Holmberg and Engle.

Holmberg denied being involved but then told investigators it wasn’t his idea. He said he met Engle while working at Silver Lake Foods. Holmberg said he had just moved here and didn’t have any money. They chose Zadeo’s to rob because there is minimal security and it’s dark, the complaint said.

They had a 9mm gun, but Holmberg told investigators he didn’t believe the gun was loaded and that they didn’t intend to hurt the victim and never threatened her. Holmberg said he was the "tape" man and felt bad for the girl. He said he knew how old she was because he went through her purse and saw her ID.


The complaint said Engle told officers he remembered Holmberg talking about committing a robbery but thought it was just talk. Engle said he owned a 9mm gun that he pawned after the robbery.

The suspects are to make their first court appearance Dec. 11.

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