Two Iron Rangers consider gubernatorial candidacies

Associated Press

VIRGINIA, Minn. — Minnesota’s next gubernatorial election is three years away, but two Iron Range lawmakers are already considering running for governor in 2010.

State Rep. Tom Rukavina, DFL-Virginia, and state Sen. Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, discussed their plans with the Mesabi Daily News.

Rukavina told the newspaper for a story published Sunday that he’ll be 60 in 2010, and that might be the right time for a new opportunity.

"It’s time for a Democrat in the governor’s office. This governor doesn’t care about working people, about people less fortunate. I think I could be that governor," Rukavina said. "I do. My record shows it and people realize that and remember that. I’ve always been a fighter for the working men and women of the state and always will be."


Bakk told the newspaper he’ll make a final decision next summer.

"I will spend a lot of time between now and next summer exploring a health care initiative that is doable in this state. We can’t afford to just wait for the federal government," he said. "This is a good and important issue for the Democratic Party to figure out."

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