Two seniors (finally) punch ticket to state

W-K’s Taubel and

R-P’s Brown earn state meet berth

By Marc Lunde

LAKECITY — After years of being just-not-state-caliber athletes, Wabasha-Kellogg’s Andrew Taubel and Rushford-Peterson’s Nicole Brown can finally say they will make the trip up to Hamline University after the seniors took second place in their respective field events Tuesday at the preliminary day (all field events are finals) at the Section One, Class A track and field meet in Lake City.


In his third jump of the preliminary round, Taubel let out a jump of 43-21⁄2, a personal best by almost a foot and a half. The mark would hold up for second place to Triton’s Caleb Rissman who won the event with a jump of 44-73⁄4.

"It was poetic," W-K coach Mike Kropp said.

The past two seasons, Taubel placed third at the section meet in the triple jump. With Rissman already going 45 feet this season and Lanesboro/Fillmore Central’s Jordan Jarland, a state participant in the event last season, Taubel wasn’t even seeded in the top two coming into Tuesday’s competition. The top two individuals automatically advance to the state meet plus anyone who qualifies by standard.

"I really wanted to make it to state in my last year," Taubel said.

He is the first W-K athlete to advance to state since Mike McIntyre did in the 800-meter run in 1998.

"He’s an awesome role model and I can’t ask for a nicer athlete," Kropp added.

With the trip to state guaranteed, Taubel doesn’t plan on holding anything back.

"I’m just going to throw it out there and do my best," Taubel added.


The story is a little different for Nicole Brown.

Over the past three seasons, Brown hasn’t been the best — or second best — thrower on her own team. She was in the shadow of Danielle Ruberg and Melissa Smith; Smith qualifying for state in both the shot and discus last year. All that being said, she wasn’t even the best thrower in her family. Brother Justin was state discus champion in 2006.

"With the top spot (on the team) hers, she kept her eyes on the prize (state)," R-P coach Gary Wade said.

Brown’s trip to state wasn’t secure. Her preliminary throw of 109-5, good enough second going into finals, was beat when a competitor threw 109-6. Brown couldn’t believe it but she didn’t let it get to her.

"I felt really relaxed and knew I had to go for it," she said. "I didn’t want to take my chances and look back at something I knew I could do."

Brown unleashed a throw of 115-11 for the second-place medal. Yvonne Freese of Lanesboro/Fillmore Central took first with a throw of 124-10.

"It was my turn to go (to state)," Brown said. "Our section is so tough if you get out of it (and go to state) you are almost guaranteed a spot on the podium."

Her never-give-up attitude in the meet was something the R-P coaching staff has noticed for years.


"She never got discouraged and she just knew her time would come," Wade. "I’m proud of her not just because of her going to state but because of how she’s been patient."

Eight events were finals at the Section 1A meet Tuesday. Champions crowned were:

• L/FC’s Yvonne Freese (discus)

• Kasson-Mantorville’s Taylor Mikkalson (3,200)

• Byron’s Britta Schubert (long jump)

• Lake City’s Maranda Dohrn (girls high jump)

• Triton’s Caleb Rissman (triple jump)

• Cotter’s Donny Wasinger (3,200)

• Medford’s Jared Jirele (pole vault)

• K-M’s Micah Hegerle ( shot put)

The section finals are Thursday in Lake City. Field events will start at 4:30 p.m. and running events will start at 4:45 p.m.

The state meet will be June 6-7 at Hamline University in St. Paul.



(Team totals to be published Friday)

Running events

3,200 — 1. Taylor Mikkalson (KM) 11:17.9h; 2. Kyle Blakeslee (CF) 11:25.4h; 3. Kayla Woltz (Chat) 11:31.3h; 4. Nicola Franta (LaC) 12:07.0h; 5. Karli Beissel (CF) 12:08.1h; 6. Carlye Guzman (LaC) 12:10.0h; 7. Kelsey Torchia (Lour) 12:11.1h; 8. Kassandra Coe (Byr) 12:27.2h.

Field events

High jump — 1. Maranda Dohrn (LC) 5-2; 2. Marie Sheely (Stew) 5-0; 3. Lexi Burnikel (Cotter) 5-0; 4. Megan Sigrist (PI) 4-10; 5. (tie) Andrea Bartz (PEM), Katie Novak (LaC) 4-10; 7. Rachel Waugh (Stew) 4-8; 8. (tie) Kayla McCormick (CSG), Rachel Bauer (CSG), Anna Gay (LC), Kaeley Erichsen (KM) 4-8.

Long jump — 1. Britta Schubert (Byr) 15-71⁄4; 2. Burnikel (Cotter) 15-61⁄4; 3. Samantha Wermager (CSG) 15-1⁄2; 4. Paige Ronnenberg (Byr) 14-111⁄2; 5. Bailey Vitse (RPH) 14-111⁄4; 6. Leah Brossoit (Lour) 14-111⁄4; 7. Lauren Kuklinski (WK) 14-11; 8. Kalysta Schlitter (LaC) 14-83⁄4.

Discus — 1. Yvonne Freeze (LFC) 124-10; 2. Nicole Brown (RPH) 116-1; 3. Samantha Berge (Tri) 109-6; 4. Kiley Severson (Hay) 104-6; 5. Molly Schaller (CSG) 103-5; 6. Betsy Schaller (CSG) 103-0; 7. Jill Storlie (Byr) 101-3; 8. Lindsey Olson (PEM) 97-7.



(Team totals to be published Friday)

* — indicates betters state standard)

Running events

3,200 — 1. Donny Wasinger (Cotter) 9:22.87; 2. Tom Pesch (PEM) 9:28.96; 3. *Travis Beniak (ZM) 9:37.90; 4. Aaron Haley (PEM) 10:08.89; 5. Mark Freund (Lour) 10:17.81; 6. Josiah Nagel (Sch) 10:18.06; 7. Jacob Nystuen (KW) 10:26.59; 8. Ali Khalili (Byr) 10:29.11.

Field events

Pole vault — 1. Jared Jirele (Med) 13-2; 2. Tanner Ties (LA) 12-8; 3. Karl Novak (LA) 12-8; 4. (tie) Cole Langsdorf (CF), Ethan Carlson (PEM) 12-2; 6. (tie) Carl Calabrese (King), Sam Ostergard (Stew), Jacob Pedretti (Chat) 12-2.

Triple jump — 1. Caleb Rissman (Tri) 44-73⁄4; 2. Andrew Taubel (WK) 43-21⁄2; 3. Jordan Jarland (LFC) 41-11 194; 4. David Hodgman (ZM) 41-51⁄4; 5. Lee Peterson (Byr) 41-23⁄4; 6. Nick Leisen (RPH) 41-11⁄2; 7. Derek Beier (CSG) 40-11⁄4; 8. Jacob Decklever (Byr) 40-1⁄4.

Shot put — 1. Micah Hegerle (KM) 53-21⁄4; 2. Zach Flies (PEM) 52-41⁄2; 3. Aaron Thauwald (King) 52-1⁄2; 4. Daniel Sjarpe (LFC) 49-1⁄2; 5. Thomas Schroht (Med) 46-11⁄4; 6. Josh LaPlante (Chat) 45-111⁄2; 7. Nick Johnson (PEM) 45-103⁄4; 8. Jacob Flynn (Stew) 45-13⁄4.

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