Tyson says June fight will be 'train wreck'

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Mike Tyson simply laughed after he listened to his next opponent's manager promise an upset.

Then, after standing toe-to-toe with Kevin McBride to pose for photos, Tyson clasped the Irish fighter's hand, patted him on the back and winked.

Is this a kinder, gentler Iron Mike?

"I don't get into the staredowns and the talking trash. I'm older, so I'm not really too much into that," Tyson said Tuesday. "I don't want to punch a guy in the face before the fight starts."

This from the man who brawled with Lennox Lewis three years ago at a news conference announcing a bout, who vowed to eat Lewis' children, who bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear, who was convicted of rape in 1992.


On Tuesday, in town to announce his fight at the MCI Center on June 11 against McBride, Tyson seemed to alternate personas.

At times, he was introspective or doted on his three children who joined him on stage. At others, he came close to being the Tyson everyone has come to expect: the curiosity promoters hope can still sell tickets and pay-per-view buys even though he's 38 and lost two of his past three fights.

He talked about sinking into depression, called McBride "real cute," labeled himself "probably the worst husband in the world," and told a PR person running the show to "chill out" when she pointed out it was time for more posed photos.

"I just hope these people of Washington, D.C., are prepared to handle this," Tyson said. "It's going to be a train wreck."

It will be the former champion's first fight in nearly a year, and just his second in 28 months.

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