Upcoming events

Here are group events and conventions coming to Rochester soon, from the Rochester Convention & Visitors Bureau:

• Through Sunday, MJCAA Division III Women's Basketball National Championships, 500 expected, citywide.

• Through Sunday, Med City Aquatics age group swim meet, 1,200 expected, citywide.

• Through Sunday, Minnesota USA Folkstyle wrestling state tournament, 1,500 expected, citywide.

• Through today, The Redeemed Christian Church of God meeting, 300 expected, citywide.


• March 18-21, MOMA dart tournament, 2,000 expected, citywide

• March 18-21, ORCAS Minnesota Senior State Championships, 1,000 expected, citywide.

• March 19-21, Mental Aerobics wrestling tournament, 350 expected, downtown.

• March 19-21, Midwest Tournament of Champions Odd Cup, 500, citywide.

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