‘Very good to be home’

By John Weiss

RUSHFORD — For Ardelle Bieberdorf, there’s no place like home — for the fifth time.

The Rushford nurse began work 40 years ago at the Rushford Clinic near St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and went with it to a downtown building.

In August 2007, that building was flooded, along with the rest of the downtown, so she went to Winona Health’s Urgent Care for about a month. When the former TRW site in Rushford was remodeled for a temporary clinic, Bieberdorf was there, too.


And now, she is in another building — the newly built clinic next to Witt’s Pharmacy.

She loves it.

"This one is beautiful — the style, the color, the design, the location," she said.

The new clinic with five regular exam rooms and room to expand is more convenient for more patients.

With all the moves and problems from the flood, the staff had to find ways to make up for whatever they lacked, said nurse Cheryl Rasmussen. While it was a headache for patients to go to TRW or Winona, everyone got through it.

"We adapted," said Kim Mierau, another nurse who has been in four locations in two years. "We made it work over there. We would have liked to be in Rushford."

The new clinic, which opened June 8, doesn’t quite feel like home yet, she said. The staff is still learning where things are.

But on the plus side, now they’re able to take X-rays on site, said Dr. David Lofgren. "It’s a big deal," he said.


At the TRW site, they might see people who hurt ankles or knees but didn’t want to go to Winona for an X-ray. They often hoped the injury would heal, he said. He didn’t feel he finished the job without an X-ray to make sure there were no serious problems.

The second part of the location is that it’s now next to an expanded Witt’s Pharmacy that was once a block away. The new pharmacy is about a third larger than the one that flooded, said Michele James, pharmacy president. The pharmacy opened March 2.

The extra space allows them to carry more gifts and a larger pharmacy. Being next door to the clinic allows pharmacists to step over to double check a prescription or with other questions, she said.

Witt’s was next to the clinic at the TRW site too, but she likes the old location. "Definitely, (it’s) very good to be home," she said.

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