vikings panel 12-4 (need dietzenbach)

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1. Who should start at QB next week for the Vikings?

 It is time to go with Tarvaris Jackson. Brad Johnson is at the end of his career. I do not know the status of Bollinger, but it appears unlikely he will be able to play next week. Brad will make a good backup, but that is it. We can see Brad’s short comings in his mobility, his arm strength and his vision. Chicago has clinched the division. The Vikings are technically in the running for the Wild Card, but we know if by a miracle we make the play offs. we will not go anywhere. We need to build for next year. We need Jackson to get some experience if he is going to be the quarterback of the future. If Jackson is not the man to lead the Vikings, we will have the offseason to look for a replacement.

— Ken DeCramer

If Brad Childress would read the Purple Passion Panel, he’d be a much better coach, as we always supply him with a wealth of information.  Like who should start as quarterback next week?  Brad Johnson should rest now in his old age, and let Tarvaris Jackson, a youngster, take over. Then if Brooks Bollinger gets his shoulder healed, he could help out, too. Our Vikings aren’t going to make it to the playoffs this season, so they might as well just gain experience and get used to playing together. That way the fans won’t have to get uptight about the outcome. There is always next year.

— Audrey Christison


Young, Leinart, Huard, Harrington, Romo, Cutler ... and now calling No. 8, Tarvaris Jackson.


This is THE year for putting in rookies and backup QBs in the NFL. It seems pretty clear Bollinger is nothing more than a backup. I’m almost glad he got hopefully just nicked, so Jackson is the clear choice. We are a desperate team needing to win out in order to have a chance to get in the playoffs. There’s no reason to hope Brad Johnson will snap out of his funk. We should get Tarvaris some playing time, perhaps he sparks us on a few-game run. If nothing else, he gets his feet wet and is more prepared for next year. We don’t have the luxury of a Drew Brees like San Diego did, keeping Philip Rivers learning on the sidelines for a couple years. We need help NOW! Chili can minimize the complexity of the plays called for a bit, and let him ramp up. We NEED an infusion of excitement to maintain some enthusiasm for the Purple down the stretch. I’d much rather watch an athletic QB make some rookie mistakes than watch more of Brad enduring his worst season ever or a nicked up backup. Throw him into the tame Lions den next week, please.

— Dan Nelson

Brad Johnson showed everyone that he has nothing left. The reason he was starting was because the thought was he would keep our turnovers down. However, after Sunday’s game it is clear that no matter what Tarvaris Jackson or Brooks Bollinger do, they still won’t turn the ball over as much as Brad did.The Vikings need to find out what Tarvaris is capable of, because at the end of the season, they need to decide if Jackson is the future, or if we need to go find a new quarterback. Either way, Brad Johnson is done! Next year we will have another great defense. We need to go out and get ourselves players to make our offense more explosive. Next year we need an offense to help our defense out.

— Jay Adkins

Anyone but Brad Johnson. Johnson is 5-7 as a starter and has thrown only eight touchdowns versus 14 interceptions this season. He has been making stupid decisions all year, and his age has definitely caught up with him. The decision to go with anyone but Johnson is a no-brainer to me, but then again Brad Childress hasn’t proved to me that he has a functional brain. The Vikings drafted Tarvaris Jackson as their quarterback of the future, and it’s time to look ahead. If the coaching staff doesn’t believe Jackson is ready quite yet, that’s fine by me, put in Brooks Bollinger. I’m hoping Childress doesn’t make the same mistake as the Packers and continue to start an aging, washed up quarterback, but instead look toward the future as we stand no chance in the present. The Cardinals, Jaguars and Broncos all made the move to bench their starters this season. Let’s add the Vikings to the list.

— Brian Olson


2. What play in Sunday’s game most hurt the Vikings? (Ricky Manning’s interception return for TD? Ciatrick Fason tackled for a safety? Devin Hester’s punt return TD? Something else?)

As usual with the Vikings this year,  they committed several key miscues. Johnson’s interception that Manning returned for a TD  hurt the most. The Bears were ripe for a loss with all the mistakes they made — turnovers and penalties. But the Vikings more than matched the Bears’ mistakes. Other key — Vikings mistakes were the poor kick coverage and Dugan’s ricochet of one of Johnson’s few well-thrown balls that resulted in a turnover when the Vikings were down 7-6 and driving. The Vikings’ positives were the running game,  the defense (though the Bears offensive problems were a factor) and Bollinger. Hopefully  Bollinger is healthy; we’ve seen too much of Johnson this season.

— Mike McDermott

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