Vikings panel Who's to blame for offensive woes?

1. Does more of the blame for the offensive woes lie with the coaching staff for poor play-calling or the QB and receivers for poor execution?

A few days ago, I was satisfied with our team. I just wanted to give the offensive team more time to play together. I was wrong. After yesterdays muddled attempts, they could play all season and not improve.They have no receivers, and much as I hate to admit it, a too old quarterback. Brad Johnson and others, thought he could do it, but it just isn't working. We have Chester Taylor, but he can't carry the whole load every play. If I were the owner or the coach, I sure wouldn't sleep much at night, worrying what to do with this miserable offense.

-- Audrey Christison

Our offensive woes are so bad, I don't know who to blame. Over the weekend, I told myself I had to cut the coach and the offense some slack, but that went out the window by half time. Brad has his problems but Childress made his bed with him, so the two of them need to devise a

new game plan. Utilize the people who CAN catch the ball like Mewelde Moore, Jermaine Wiggins, and Tony Richardson. We need two old Vikings back, Chris Carter to coach the receivers and Mike Tice to coach the line!


-- Dallas Dietzenbach

I think there is plenty of blame for all parts of the offense.

The offense has been unproductive all season with no improvement shown. Once again, the offense moved the ball on the first possesion, but settled for a FG. When the Vikings are in the red zone, the play calling is too conservative.

What is most discouraging, is that the problems are the same every game. For the offense to be productive, the following problems require fixing:

QB play -- I like Brad Johnson, however, he seems too far over the hill. His passes don't have the zip, and he fumbles when hit.

Pass protection -- Even the poor SF defense put pressure on Johnson. The Patriot-Colts game is on right now, and the Colt's offensive line is giving Manning time against the Patriot rush, while the Viking's offensive line could not stop the Patriots’ pressure. The Vikings’ offensive tackles are the main culprits.

Receivers -- Once again, the Viking receivers dropped passes; Williamson's drop on 3rd down on the last drive was a killer.

Play calling -- Childress's play calling is too predictable. When in the red zone, Childress calls a run or short pass on 1st and 2nd down -- how about a pass to the end zone? When 4th down and short at end of game, Childress calls a deep pass (in 3 games) -- how about a higher percentage play?


Enough ranting about the Viking's offense; the defense made some critical misplays, too. As usual, several missed tackles -- mostly by Fred Smoot. The worst misplay was the personal foul on Darius Scott that gave SF a 1st down which led to a FG. If not for that SF FG, the Vikings could have kicked a FG to tie instead of having to go for it on 4th down on their last drive.

-- Mike McDermott

I have to put the blame for the lose of the game on poor execution by the QB and receivers. The coaches did not do a great job with the play calling; but the execution was lousy. Can't our receivers catch? How many dropped balls were there? When Brad had time to pass; he could hit the receivers. It would bounce off their hands or chest. I would be benching Troy Williamson. When the game is on the line you have to be making those catches. The best receiver was Chester Taylor. Chester can't do everything? He had a great run and Troy Williamson was called for an illegal block in the back negating a 65 yard touchdown run that would have won the game. It was a frustrating game to watch. Now we have to face the Packers. That is never an easy game!

-- Ken DeCramer

The blame goes to the players. The coaching staff is calling good plays, but players are dropping passes and making other mistakes. Troy Williamson was embarrassing once again, and the offensive line clearly hasn't clicked yet. I am clear out of idea's for this offense, running the ball is getting yards but not creating points and the passing offense is the biggest disappointment on this team. If players would catch the ball and the line would pick up some blitzes the offense could be respectable, clearly they aren't now and something needs to be done to shake up things soon.

-- Jay Adkins

2. Were their any positives to take out of Sunday's game?

"It would be easy for me to sit here and bash the Vikings like many others have and will, but instead I will focus on the positive events that came out of Sunday's embarassing loss to the 49ers. Here is my encouraging list:


  • I wasn't at the game.
  • The game wasn't on national television.
  • Our young receiving corps is showing consistency early in their career (by dropping balls).
  • Williamson is becoming an elite tackler in the NFL, as he has more tackles than touchdowns in what is supposed to be his breakout season.
  • We don't have to worry about the Vikings choking this year in the playoffs, because they aren't going.
  • Little Vikings fans everywhere are learning how to count by multiples of three at a young age.
  • The 49er's field staff won't have to repaint the end zones before their next home game thanks to the Vikings’ dynamic offense.
  • I fell asleep for 20 minutes during the game and didn't miss a thing!

The Vikings are now .500 and in a little bit of a slide, but there's nothing like playing the Green Bay Packers, a team whose leader has 262 career interceptions, to get back in the winning column."
-- Brian Olson

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