VOTER GUIDE TAB Minnesota Senate

District 27: Terry Kelley, IP-Austin; Grace Schwab, R-Albert Lea; Dan Sparks, DFL-Austin

District 28: Gary Iocco, R-Red Wing; Steve Murphy, DFL-Red Wing

District 29: Jim Daley, IP-Byron; Dave Senjem, R-Rochester; Mike Tupper, DFL-Rochester

District 30: Sheila Kiscaden, IP-Rochester; Rich Wright, DFL-Rochester; Lynn Zaffke, R-Rochester

District 31: Bob Kierlin, R-Winona; Sharon Ropes, DFL-Winona


Minnesota House

District 27A: Dan Dorman, R-Albert Lea; Allan Halvorsen, DFL- Emmons

District 27B: Jeff Anderson, R-Austin; Jeanne Poppe, DFL-Austin

District 28A: Jerry Dempsey, R-Red Wing; Sandy Wollschlager, DFL-Cannon Falls

District 28B: Scott Metcalf, DFL-Kenyon; Steve Sviggum, R-Kenyon

District 29A: Randy Demmer, R-Hayfield; Rodney Peterson, DFL-Kasson. Dan Raaen, IP-Byron

District 29B: Fran Bradley, R-Rochester; Paul Munnis, DFL-Rochester

District 30A: Joe Duffy, IP-Rochester; Tina Liebling, DFL-Rochester; Carla Nelson, R-Rochester


District 30B: Bill Kuisle, R-Rochester; Eric Starnes, DFL-Dover

District 31A: Justin Costello, R-Winona; Gene Pelowski, DFL-Winona

District 31B: Al Hein, DFL-Mabel; Greg Davids, R-Preston

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