Wash and pat dry a whole fryer with paper towels before seasoning.

Liberally season inside and outside of chicken.

Be sure to open the top of the beer or soda can in several places. Pour out half of the liquid in the can before adding additional seasoning to the remaining liquid in the can.

Position chicken by pushing the can into the chicken's body cavity with legs pointed down and wing tips tucked behind the chicken's back.

If cooking chicken in oven, line baking pan with aluminum foil and place chicken on can in the middle of the baking pan. Remove top oven rack so chicken can fit upright in the oven.

Serve on can if you use a vertical roaster to stabilize the can. For fun, allow guests to slice off pieces they want to eat. Caution them to be careful to not spill the hot beer or soda from the can when they slice the chicken.

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