WAVERLY, Iowa — Monday’s Auction Report from the Waverly Sales Company. A total of 975 sheep and 165 goats sold at auction.

Sheep: 105-130 lb. Spring fat lambs brought 105.00-116.00. 30-100 lb. feeder lambs brought 105.00-136.00. Market ewes brought 20.00-32.00. Market bucks brought 22.00-32.00.

Tuesday’s Auction Report from the Waverly Sales Company. A total of 500 fat cattle and 110 head butcher cows sold at auction.

Fat cattle: Fat steers topped the market at 101.75. Choice-yielding fat steers weighing 1,150-1530 lbs. brought 97.00-101.75. Fat heifers topped the market at 101.00. Choice-yielding fat heifers weighing 1,100-1,450 lbs. brought 97.00-101.00. Fat dairy steers topped the market at 93.50. Choice-yielding fat dairy steers weighing 1,375-1,650 lbs. brought 86.00-93.50.

Butcher bulls: High-dressing butcher bulls weighing 1,500-2,300 lbs. brought 63.00-69.00.


Butcher cows: High-dressing butcher cows brought 55.00-67.50. Low-dressing butcher cows brought 45.00-50.00.

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