We need to know why those millions don’t have health insurance

Instead of throwing around the 40 million number, it would be great if the media and the politicians would provide some information about those who don’t have health insurance and why.

If someone decides that some non-essential things are more important than health insurance, then why should the government subsidize their insurance at a cost to the taxpayer or the insured? How many people deserve health insurance but just can’t afford it? These are the numbers that should be looked at.

Why should the taxpayer subsidize the insurance of people who are irresponsible when it comes to health. What about the people who smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, alcoholics who won’t get help, illegal drug users, people who ride motorcycles with no helmet, people who don’t wear seat belts, people who are grossly obese and still stuff themselves at "all you can eat" restaurants, those who have multiple kids they can’t afford, and the list goes on?

And last but not least, why should we pay for health care of illegal aliens? I’m not for a government that dictates lifestyles but I am also not for a government that wants to provide protection to people who won’t help themselves.

Ted Clikeman



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