Weather forecast calls for rain through Thursday

From staff reports

Get out the umbrellas and raincoats because it's going to rain tonight.

And possibly Saturday. And Wednesday and Thursday.

In fact, the National Weather Service's forecast for the week ahead predicts the only really sunny day will be Tuesday, with some clouds or rain expected other days.

If you're hoping for more sun, hope AccuWeather, another weather service, is right because it's predicting a better chance of sunshine during the same period.


The weather service forecast calls for a near 100 percent chance of rain tonight and a good chance Saturday. Thus far this month, 1.2 inches of rain have fallen at Rochester International Airport, according to the weather service. The normal precipitation for October is 2.2 inches.

Tonight's low will be in the upper 50s, but it will drop to the upper 30s by Sunday night. Having lows drop fast is normal for October, when the average low falls from 37 to 31 in the last half of the month; normal highs drop from 57 to 48 in the same period.

Highs will slip back to the 50s next week. Winds for the next several days will be brisk, but not wild, meaning many of the last leaves clinging to maples and oaks could be knocked off.

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