Thanks to the slow-moving storm system and steady rain, Sunday’s rainfall totals were the highest of the season so far. Totals in Olmsted County ranged from 1.77 inches to 3.67 inches reported southeast of Elgin. Amounts around 3 inches were also popular in Winona, Wabasha, and Mower counties.

The very same storm system delivering Sunday’s rainfall is going to stick around for at least a few more days but its effects will be different. A few showers will remain likely today, especially in the morning, but will come to an end this afternoon if not earlier. The storm system will slowly drop to our southeast and become “cut off” from the jet stream, wandering to Kentucky and Tennessee by Wednesday. That does sound far away, and it is, but due to the size of the system and the fact that it’s clogging up the weather pattern, I expect cloud cover to stick around through Thursday.

Despite the lack of sunshine most of this week, temperatures are going to make a nice recovery by Wednesday. Today and Tuesday will remain cool, so it’s still long-sleeve shirt weather for a couple of days. I’m optimistic that highs will climb back up to 70 degrees on Wednesday if not slightly above, and the end of this week will be comfortably warm with 70s and more sunshine.

As is typical for this time of year, another stretch of active weather looks to kick into gear Friday. Unlike Sunday’s soaker, the end of the week’s weather will be more typical of spring/summer showers and thunderstorms, separated by nice doses of sunshine along with warm, humid air.