Those first few warm days of spring are always a treat following our long northern winters, whetting the appetite for more. Many in our region, however, tend to dislike those occasional very hot days we get during summer. Using the last 30 years as a base, Fargo has an average of 127 days reaching 70 degrees or warmer in a year, but only 11 days that reach 90. Grand Forks has an average of 119 reaching 70 degrees and just eight reaching 90.

If you prefer a cooler summer, Duluth gets an average of 91 days reaching to 70 degrees and just two reaching 90. Further south, Rochester has 126 days of 70 degrees or more but only 5 days reaching to 90. In western North Dakota, Dickinson has an average of 121 days hitting 70 degrees and 19 hitting 90. If you don't mind the heat, Rapid City gets an average of 140 days of at least 70 degrees and 32 days of at least 90.

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