The weather pattern is what we call "zonal" this week. That means the jet stream is generally more west to east with faster moving, typically lower impact storm systems. When there are bigger north to south buckles in the jet stream, that is called meridional flow which tends to mean there are larger, more dramatic storm systems or changes in temperature. 
Even though there’s some fresh snow to look at again this morning, the trend from this past weekend through next weekend is overall positive with a subtle increase in temperatures. We’re in for rain turning to snow again Wednesday and another system looks to arrive Friday. Yet again there’s a good chance of snow mixing in with rain. Temperatures topped out in the 20s for many of us this past Saturday and the trend is looking up from there. Highs will make it to the mid-40s today and will reach 50 both Tuesday and Wednesday. While there’s going to be occasional snow falling with rain this week, winter is gradually losing its grip - and it’s about time.
Looking into the crystal ball for the forecast past this coming weekend, there is good cause for spring optimism. Longer range model data is projecting temperatures in the 60s beginning a week from today and into the start of April. We all know that April usually has some wintry tricks up its sleeve, but I’m hopeful the warmer start to next month isn’t a fool’s joke.

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