WEB Woman killed in Millville -- From staff reports#x0020;

A woman was found stabbed to death along a rural road near Millville late this morning, and law enforcement officials searched the area throughout the day, looking for a suspect who reportedly fled the scene.

Authorities using dogs were still searching the area late this afternoon.

The Wabasha County Sheriff's Department would confirm only that the body of a woman, about 35 years old, was found in rural Millville, and that the matter was being investigated. The department reported no other details.

According to Larry Briggs, a Millville man who was at the scene and assisted in rescue efforts, the victim was found late this morning near a road in Oakwood Township, near the Heins elk ranch, about 22 miles from Rochester.

Briggs said a teen-age boy came to his house at about 10:30 a.m. and said a woman had been stabbed. The boys led him to the site where the woman was found and she was alive when he arrived, Briggs said. The woman apparently died before an ambulance reached the scene, he said.


The boys, four local brothers, told Briggs they were on their way to go trout fishing when they found the victim. They stopped to help her and saw a man run away into the woods.

Briggs said a knife and holster were on the road when he arrived, along with a large amount of blood.

Sheriff's officials from Olmsted, Goodhue and Wabasha counties responded, along with Rochester police, Briggs said. State Patrol officers were restricting traffic through the area.

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