Week two at Chateau is big success

LANSING — Mother Nature did a nice job of setting things up for the second week of stock car action at Chateau Raceway on Friday night.

The warmer temperatures lead to a rising car count and a good turn out of fans for more exciting "Thunder in the Dirt." Friday was also one of several Kids-R-Free nights that the track has sprinkled throughout the schedule.

After all the kids and adults all got settled into their seats they were treated to some fine racing in all six classes. The track was in great shape and the drivers were able to run at high speeds.

The highlight of the night was provided by the drivers in the feature for the WISSOTA Midwest Modified class. From start-to-finish, the racing was tight and fast but the top four put on a show that will have people talking for much of the week.

Bryan Hernandez started on the outside of Albert Wytaske on the front row. The two drivers, along with Kenny Wytaske, put on a tight three-car battle for the opening laps. Jim Arnold then worked out of row three to join the action in two short laps.


The four of them diced back and forth for the early laps, before mechanical problems took Kenny Wytaske out of the race. A late caution restarted the field with just two laps left. Hernandez got a good jump on the restart and held on for the win.

The USRA Modifieds featured a tight two-car battle in the main event. Alan Mondus took advantage of a front row starting spot to jump out to the early lead. Steve Wetzstein started a row further back and took a few laps to pull himself up to second-place.

By the time he got there, Mondus had stretched out a good lead but that went away when the first caution flag came out. On lap five, Larry Nelson lost out in a three-wide battle coming out of turn two and ended up getting squeezed into the wall. Nelson got out of his car rather slowly and after a brief visit with the ambulance crew, jumped on a four-wheeler for a ride back to his trailer.

On the restart, the top two quickly pulled away from the rest of the field with Wetzstein shadowing Mondus. Another caution on lap 15 slowed the field again when a car ended up in the wall. A final restart did nothing to improve Wetzstein’s standing and Mondus held on for his first feature win of the season.

Bobby Kilby picked up where he left off last week in the Street Stock class. He opened the season with a sweep last week and added a second straight on week two. A front row starting spot in his heat gave Kilby a flag-to-flag win, but he needed to work a little harder in the feature. Kilby started row three outside in the feature and worked his way to the lead in six laps as he outran Craig Hansen to the checkered flag.

In the Classic Dwarf class, Rick Utley has stacked together consecutive sweeps to open up the season. Utley worked out of row two to the front in just one lap to claim his feature win.

The Pure Stocks saw Brandon Skalicky pick up his first career feature win. Skalicky, in just his second year of racing, worked his way up from a row three starting spot to take home the win in the main event.

In the track’s new Hornet class, Chad Ritter chalked up his second straight feature win to start the season. Ritter moved from the second row to the front on the drop of the green flag and never looked back.



(Friday night)


Feature — 1. Chad Ritter-Faribault, 2. Randy Rauen-Austin, 3. Gary Stahl-Kasson, 4. Amanda Adams-Meyer Iowa, 5. Briana Grinstead-Austin, 6. Travis Fuerstenberg-Austin. Heat — 1. Ritter, 2. Stahl, 3. Adams.


Feature — 1. Brandon Skalicky-Claremont, 2. Brent Dulas-Waseca, 3. Tyler Peterson-Hollandale, 4. Ross Spitzer-Dodge Center, 5. Sammie Fromm-Owatonna, 6. Billy Steinberg-Kasson, 7. James Weber-Austin, 8. Tim Schlund-Blooming Prairie, 9. Jesse Stahl-Austin, 10. Samantha Stark-Austin. Heat 1 — 1. Stahl, 2. Spitzer, 3. Peterson. Heat 2 — 1. Skalicky, 2. Fromm, 3. Dan Klingfus-Rose Creek.


Feature — 1. Rick Utley-Byron, 2. Kevin Bigalk-Austin, 3. Corey Whalen-Harmony, 4. John Griffen-Winona, 5. Dave Anderson-Lyle, 6. Jeremy Anderson-Faribault, 7. Trent Gorton-Albert Lea, 8. David Sikora-Austin, 9. Tom Gandy-Faribault, 10. Brent Anderson-Lyle. Heat — 1. Utley, 2. Bigalk, 3. Whalen.



Feature — 1. Bobby Kilby-Austin, 2. Craig Hansen-Ellendale, 3. Tony Shaner-Owatonna, 4. Jeff Nelson-Owatonna, 5. Ryan Goergen-Stacyville Iowa, 6. Dave Stevens-Albert Lea, 7. Steve Eischens-Taopi, 8. Anthony Zvorak-Blooming Prairie, 9. Dan Holland-Brownsdale, 10. Brent Holland-Glenville. Heat 1 — 1. Eischens, 2. Stevens, 3. Hansen. Heat 2 — 1. Kilby, 2. Nelson, 3. Shaner.


Feature — 1. Bryan Hernandez-Blooming Prairie, 2. Jim Arnold-Dodge Center, 3. Chris Adams-Stacyville Iowa, 4. Bobby Swanson-Kasson, 5. Jeremy Misgen-Ellendale, 6. Troy Barth-Austin, 7. Matt Larson-Owatonna, 8. Drew Williams-Rochester, 9. Troy Dahle-Morristown, 10. Bryce Struckman-Spring Valley. Heat 1 — 1. Albert Wytaske-Lansing, 2. Swanson, 3. Larson. Heat 2 — 1. Hernandez, 2. Misgen, 3. Struckman. Heat 3 — 1. Kenny Wytaske-Lansing, 2. Arnold, 3. Barth.


Feature — 1. Alan Mondus-Lakeville, 2. Steve Wetzstein-West Concord, 3. Josh Mattick-Austin, 4. Doug Hillson-Blooming Prairie, 5. Wally Bustad-Austin, 6. Greg Jensen-Albert Lea, 7. Matt Aarsvold-Oronoco, 8. Jacob Dahle-Morristown, 9. Larry Nelson-Hartland. Heat 1 — 1. Dahle, 2. Ronnie Ross-Brownsdale, 3. Mark Wytaske-Austin. Heat 2 — 1. Wetzstein, 2. Mondus, 3. Hillson.

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