Welcome to the 'No Fun League'

Lucky the Summer Olympics didn't employ National Football League officials to officiate their Games.

If they did, chances are Michael Phelps would have been flagged 15 meters for excessive celebrating.

Mia Hamm would have drawn a yellow card from the gold medal soccer game.

Officials would have deducted .7 of a point from Carly Patterson's all-around performance.

The refs would have added three seconds to Justin Gatlin's 100-meter time.


Too much exuberance.

NFL officials were told to crack down on excessive-celebrating this year and, boy, have they complied, literally littering the fields with yellow flags during the exhibition season, meaningless as they are.

A flag was thrown last week because someone spontaneously leaped into his teammate's hug following a touchdown.

Oops, sorry, can't do that; this is the No Fun League after all.

Next thing you know there'll be 15 yards for every Lambeau Leap.

Sharpies and cell phones, OK, get rid of those. Outlaw cartwheels if you must.

But let's not overdo it.

We should still have a little fun.


Paul Christian

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