Who's that in Rondell White's uniform?

Random thoughts from a cluttered mind:

Somebody needs to check the ID of whomever is using Rondell White's name with the Twins. That can't be the real Rondell. They must have switched him with someone while he was away getting repairs. Either that, or the Twins better get the doctor who worked on him and sign the doc to a contract.

Rondell homers before the All-Star break: 0. Rondell homers Wednesday night: 2. Let's enjoy it while it lasts …

; So, the Twins gain a game on Chicago, which saw its pitching fail again in a 5-2 loss to Detroit. All five Detroit runs in one inning, keyed by Craig Monroe's grand-slam homer.

I don't know whether to root for Detroit so the Twins can have a chance to challenge the White Sox for a wild card spot, or to hope the White Sox can help cut the distance to first place by beating the Tigers. Rooting for Detroit means giving up on the season and hoping for second-best, and I hate to do that.


But it seems unrealistic to expect the Twins to continue this hot streak with the injuries they have. Still, it's fun to watch. You have to admit, the Minnesota team this year has been interesting.

Steve Webb

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