Wild boars are moving to Iowa

DES MOINES -- The wild boar has joined other wild animals, such as bobcats and mountain lions, suddenly showing up in Iowa.

Confirmed reports of the tusk-bearing grunters have been trickling in from southern Iowa in the last year. They most likely are escapees of hunting preserves or farm hogs gone wild, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources said.

Last summer, Larry Dessner spotted two boars in a soybean field on his farm south of Columbus Junction. Dresser, who went wild-boar hunting in Oklahoma three years ago, said he never thought of hunting them in Iowa, especially on his own farm.

"My wife was helping me. She chased them back in my direction," Dessner said.

Dresser, a conservation officer from Louisa County, said the animals are not the easiest to kill.


"They are big and ugly, and the front shoulders of the wild boars have a real thick callous to protect them from the tusks of other pigs. I shot them with a high-powered rifle," Dessner said.

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