Woman jailed, fined for role in drug offense

By Janice Gregorson

A district judge found that a Rochester woman played a minor role in a drug case that landed her in court. So instead of serving about seven years in prison, Rikki Lynn Buenvenida, 29, will be on probation for 30 years.

On Monday, Judge Joseph Wieners stayed execution of an 86-month prison term, saying Buenvenida is amenable to probation.

She pleaded guilty in August to one count of first-degree controlled substance crime for making methamphetamine. Six other drug charges were dismissed under a plea agreement.


Buenvenida was charged after, authorities say, Scott Larry Rasmussen, 30, moved a meth lab in June 2007 from the basement of his house to a bathroom at Buenvenida’s home. It was the first time since March 2005 that an active meth lab was found in a Rochester residence.

Wieners ordered Buenvenida to serve 90 days in jail with credit for 63 days already served. He also ordered her to either pay a $1,000 fine or do 100 hours of community work service. She also must pay $82 in court fees.

Buenvenida’s probation conditions include completing chemical dependency evaluation and treatment, staying away from bars and liquor stores, having no contact with people associated with illegal drugs, submitting to random searches, not using alcohol or any controlled substances, and having no contact with Rasmussen.

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