Women need to direct films

When Jane Campion was honored onstage at the Cannes Film Festival with about 30 other major directors Sunday, she was the lone woman of the bunch. She’s still not used to how strange that feels.

The New Zealander is the only woman filmmaker to have won Cannes’ top prize, for "The Piano" in 1993. This year, she showed a fantasy short film about a ladybug — a woman dressed up in an insect costume — who gets stomped on in a movie theater. She said it was a metaphor for women in the film world.

"I just think this is the way the world is, that men control the money, and they decide who they’re going to give it to," Campion said in explaining why so few women get movies made. "When I think of what’s fantastic about women, it’s their generosity, their intuitiveness, their capacity to trust emotions, to be emotional, to nurture, to promote peace, to care about the planet’s environment so their children can inherit it," she said. "Those qualities aren’t sexy for guys, but (they’re) quite natural in women."

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