Yo La Tengo still packs punch

Ladies and gents, please rise. The emperors of indie-rock have once again seized the palace, bringing with them plenty of aching feedback, signature malted vocals and some sounds not previously posted in Yo La Tengo’s vast album collection.

"I’m not afraid of you ..." packs Yo La Tengo’s first punch since "Prisoners of Love," and leaves listeners icing forehead knuckle imprints from the band’s 20-year-old fist.

Thrown up with the latest 80-minute album’s dukes is a gorgeous concoction of ear food. With everything from uppity basement rock, brass horned howls, elevator country-pop and funked out guitar dazes to dreamy synth-driven ballads and soul squeezing sermons (orated by frontman Ira Kaplan), Yo La Tengo delivers a knock-out creation that is undoubtedly not afraid of you, or anyone else.


Spindrift takes off with ‘Drive’


Another disc that deserves a close-up glance comes straight from one of Rochester’s own.

Known as Spindrift, this three-piece rock ensemble has been generating quite a buzz in the city. Two weeks ago, the band threw a massive CD release party at Mickey’s Irish Saloon, hosting more than 400 eager fans.

Specializing in passionate, spontaneous live performances, Spindrift thrived on the audience’s enormous energy and rocked out accordingly.

Though the group has only been playing together for a little over a year, their debut album, "Drive," accurately reflects each band member’s extensive musical background and individual contributions to the trio’s distinctive style. A fusion of dynamically crafted rock rivets, toasty blues, gutsy choruses and sprawling percussive feats, Spindrift brings something to the table many local rock ‘n’ roll bands forget on the afterburner.

Anyone interested can catch their next performance Nov. 14 at Kathy’s Pub. Open to ages 21 and older.

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