YOU ASKED COLUMN What's with the painted traffic lanes on 16th Avenue Northwest near Famous Dave's, Perkins and the Amoco? The two driving lanes for northbound traffic suddenly become one lane with no sign or warning for about 30 feet or so, then quickly

I have seen near-misses, anger and any variety of ways to obey those traffic lanes. But what is correct? I know you will know the answer!

(If this is a stupid question, please don't put it in the column, and don't use my name, please!)

This isn't a stupid question -- in fact, I've heard this question from more readers in the past six months than any other -- but as far as I can tell, it's a stupid lane change. I've been past there a thousand times and still can't figure out what it's for.

I've contacted the city public works department regarding this and haven't gotten an answer yet. Anyone have a guess?

Any chance you can find out the recipe for the fajita fries at Brothers Bar and Grill in Rochester? They're awesome!


I can find out anything.

Bob Resendiz, kitchen manager at Brothers, says he made up the spiced-up fries recipe when he arrived there three years ago. About all he'll share is that the seasoning includes black pepper, garlic salt and garlic powder on the wafflecut fries. A half-order with the fajita topping costs $3.65, and a full order is $4.90.

I have heard that there's going to be a new dog park in northwest Rochester. Can you tell me if this is true? If so, can you tell me when it's going to open, and where it's located? Sincerely -- Dog Lover

Sorry, Dog Lover, but you have bad news to share with Bowser. The new pooch park, to be built just off West Circle Drive north of the Douglas Trail, won't open this year. Denny Stotz of the city parks department says a city sewer project has to go through the area where the park is planned first, and that won't happen until this fall.

I wonder if the sewer project will include sanitary services for dogs?

The city's one true-blue dog park is in the southeast, across from Pinewood School.

THE RABBIT DIDN'T DIE: Judy, a Rochester reader, had this to add to my item last week on the old-fashioned pregnancy test that involved rabbit ovaries:

Hey, Answer Dude: Please note that on the M*A*S*H episode with the "rabbit test," the rabbit did not die. They removed the ovaries under general anesthesia. It's amazing what can be accomplished when you have a couple of surgeons on your side.


She also asked why I handle questions that can easily be answered by searching on Google or other Internet sites. The answer, of course, is the Answer Man is a human Google, easy to use and a lot more fun.

You Asked readers raise the bar every week, and the Answer Man clears it every time. Send questions to Jay Furst, Post-Bulletin, P.O. Box 6118, Rochester, MN 55903, or send e-mail to

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