You probably already know, but it was a cold and snowy winter

By Mike Klein

In case you didn’t notice, it was a cold and snowy winter.

The National Weather Service in La Crosse officially confirmed that Wednesday, saying snowfall was above normal and temperatures were below normal. It was the third snowiest winter ever, and the coldest and snowiest since the winter of 2000-2001, the service said.

Some facts from the report, which covered the period from Dec. 1 to Feb. 28:


Average temperature: 13.7 degrees, 2.1 degrees below normal. That made it the 24th coldest winter in the past 121 years. Month-by-month temperatures, and departure from normal, were: December, 12.5 degrees, 4.8 below normal; January, 8.5, 3.3 below normal, and February, 20.7, 2.3 above normal.

Precipitation: 2.95 inches, 0.24 inches above normal.

Snowfall: Rochester International Airport received 46.4 inches, which is 15.1 inches above normal. Month by month, the area received 28.6 inches in December, 9.8 inches in January and 8 inches in February.

Extremes: The high temperature was 47 degrees on Feb. 10, and the low was 26 below on Jan. 16.

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