You want this kind of change?

To those who voted for Sen. Barack Obama — you wanted change.

His proposals:

1. Close Guantanamo.

2. Cut the military.

3. Amnesty for illegal aliens.


4. 500 percent tax increase on purchase of guns.

5. Spend $95 billion of our taxpayer dollars to fight world poverty and perform abortions abroad.

6. Appoint Rahm Emanuel chief of staff. He was a board member overseeing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

7. Confiscate our 401(k) pensions and put them in a program similar to what’s being done in Argentina.

8. Bring back the Fairness Doctrine, which would silence pastors from speaking out against homosexuality and silence those who inform the public about corruption in Washington politics.

9. Redistribute the wealth, rewarding those people who fail to take responsibility for their own lives.

10. Appoint liberal judges to the Supreme Court.

11. Prosecute President George W. Bush.


12. Spend $500 billion for the country to go "green."

As supporters of Barack Obama you failed to ask him what he’d change and what the consequences were for those changes.

Linda K. Williamson


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