YOUTH SPORTS SMV 14 Elite volleyball takes home Cup

The local Southern Minnesota Volleyball 14 Elite team took a first place in the fifth-annual Rochester Cup held at the National Volleyball Center and sponsored by the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission. This team is also going to nationals in Atlanta, Ga., in June. Meet results:

16's Division

1st Milwaukee Sting 16 Black Milwaukee, Wis., 2nd Stewie 15 Blue of Stewartville, 3rd Eden Prairie, 4th SMV 16 Elite Rochester, 5th through 8th: Eastview 16, Heartland Adidas Select 15, Club Tonka 16-1, Marshall 16 black

16's Division II

1st Apple Valley 16's, 2nd Wayzata 16-1, 3rd JM Blaze of Rochester, 4th Wisconsin Select 15 of Madison, 5th to 8th: Eden Prairie 15-1, Eastview 15, Burnsville Thunder 15, SMV 16 Gold.


16's Division III

1st Wabasha-Kellogg, 2nd Apple Valley 15, 3rd Stewie 16 Blue of Stewartville, 4th Rochester Spikers Silver, 5th to 8th: Heartland Select 15 2, Marshal 16 orange, Rochester Spikers Silver and Cannon Falls.

14's Division I

1st SMV 14 Elite, 2nd Eden Prairie Harpies, 3rd Milwaukee Sting 14 Black Milwaukee, 4th Mankato Juniors, 5th:8th: Burnsville Thunder 13's, Wisconsin Select 14, Wayzata 14-1, Wabasha-Kellogg 14-1.

14's Division II

1st Stewie 14 Blue of Stewartville, 2nd Marshall 14 Black of Marshall, 3rd Stewie 13 Blue of Stewartville, 4th SMV 14 Gold of Rochester, 5th:8th: Wayzata White, Eastview, Marshall Orange,

14's Division III

1st Wabasha-Kellogg 131, 2nd Stewie 13 Green of Stewartville, 3rd Saints of St. Charles, 3rd Cannon Falls White.


Rochester Youth Volleyball Association will be offering volleyball camps June 23-26th and July 21-24 at the National Volleyball Center.Times for boys and girls entering grades 3-5 are 9-11 a.m., and for boys and girls entering grades 6-8 times times are noon- 3 p.m. For a camp brochure visit

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