ZUMBROTA , Minn. - Monday’s Livestock Auction. A total of 2,388 head of cattle and calves sold.

Feeder cattle: 400-600 lb. beef steers brought 100.00-136.00. 600-800 lb. beef steers brought 88.00-120.50. 400-600 lb. beef heifers brought 100.00-115.00. 600-800 lb. beef heifers brought 83.00-105.00. 300-400 lb. Holstein steers brought 102.00-120.00. 400-600 lb. Holstein steers brought 86.00-106.00. 600-800 lb. Holstein steers brought 75.00-97.25. 800-1,000 lb. Holstein steers brought 73.00-86.50.

Bred cows: Bred Beef cows brought $500-810. Cow/calf bred beef pairs brought up to $1,050.

Baby calves: 95-125 lb. calves brought 130.00-205.00. 150-250 lb. calves brought 110.00-147.50. Beef calves brought up to 270.00. Lighter, weaker, younger aged calves brought 80.00-125.00.

Fed cattle: Beef steers brought 90.00-95.00 with packages up to 96.50. Mixed grading beef steers brought 75.00-89.50. Beef heifers brought 87.00-94.85 with packages up to 96.00. Mixed grading beef heifers brought 75.00-84.50. Holstein steers brought 80.00-87.00 with packages up to 88.00. Silage fed, heavyweight, select grade, lightweight Holstein steers brought 68.00-79.00.


Market cows: Market slaughter cows brought 41.00-53.00. High-yielding slaughter cows brought 54.00-62.50. Thin, Shelly slaughter cows brought 20.00-40.00.

Market bulls: Market slaughter bulls brought 60.00-66.00. High-yielding slaughter bulls brought 66.50-74.00.

Tuesday’s Auction Report. A total of 464 dairy cattle and 400 sheep and goats sold at auction.

Dairy cattle: Holstein springing heifers brought $1,600-2,000. Fancy Holstein springing heifers brought $2,010-2,400. Plainer-quality Holstein springing heifers brought $885-1,575. Short-bred Holstein heifers brought $700-1,910. Holstein springing cows brought $700-2,400. Holstein fresh and milking cows and heifers brought $1,250-2,250. Very important to TB test fresh and milking cows/heifers. Holstein open heifers under 600 lbs. brought 130.00-217.50. Holstein open heifers over 600 lbs. brought 81.00-207.00. Holstein breeding bulls brought $700-910. Market cows brought 43.00-61.00. Market bulls brought 55.00-62.00.

Sheep and Goats: Feeder lambs brought 93.00-106.00. Market lambs brought 71.00-100.00. Ewes brought 11.00-46.00. Small and thin goats brought $11-40. Midsize goats brought $45-77.50. Larger goats brought $80-137.

Wednesday’s Cattle Auction. A total of 270 cattle sold at auction.

Fed cattle: Choice beef steers brought 86.00-91.75 with packages up to 92.00. Mixed grading/overweight beef steers brought 80.00-85.50. Choice beef heifers brought 86.00-91.75 with packages up to 92.00. Mixed grading beef heifers brought 80.00-85.00. Choice Holstein steers brought 80.00-84.50 with packages up to 85.75. Silage fed, mixed grading Holstein steers brought 70.00-79.50.

Market cows: Market slaughter cows brought 41.50-57.00. Thin, Shelly slaughter cows brought 20.00-30.00.


Market bulls: Market slaughter bulls traded up to 64.50.

Wednesday’s Market Hog Auction: 317 head sold. 230-270 lb. market hogs brought 49.00-51.00. Top-quality market hogs brought 51.00-52.25. Mixed weight market hogs brought 40.00-48.75. Sows under 500 lbs. brought 25.00-36.50. Sows over 500 lbs. brought 37.00-39.00. Boars under 300 lbs. traded up to 23.00. Boars over 300 lbs. brought 17.00-23.00.

Wednesday’s feeder Pig Auction: 790 feeder pigs sold. 50-60 lb. feeder pigs brought $40-52. 60-80 lb. feeder pigs brought $42-58. Feeder pigs over 80 lbs. brought $48-88.

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