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Higher ed cuts need to be minimized

When I and many other students on my campus heard that public higher education might be cut to help fill the gap in the state budget, we were very concerned.

Just a few years ago, higher education was cut significantly, and as a result, tuition increased by 15 percent a year for two years. Although increases since then have been lower, students today are still paying thousands more for an education than others did less than a decade ago.

Like many other students facing higher tuition every year, I have student debt. I have already borrowed $15,000, and was worried that more state budget cuts would force me to borrow even more.

I would like to thank the chairs of the House and Senate higher education committees for minimizing cuts to higher education and for their protection of students and campuses across the state. Our campuses are still trying to catch up after cuts made a few years ago, and any further cuts will hurt students.


However, by minimizing the proposed cuts, the Senate and House chairs have shown a commitment to affordable and accessible public higher education in Minnesota. I hope that as final decisions are made higher education continues to be seen as a priority by our state’s leaders.

Holly Pahl

Minnesota State University-

Mankato student


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