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There is NEVER a good reason to leave your pet in the car on a hot day! It can be dangerous and even fatal to your animal.

The temperature inside a car can increase to deadly temps within just a matter of a few minutes with or without the windows cracked.

Next time it is hot outside, like it was on Monday, go out to your parked car with a fur coat, hat and mittens. Make sure the car is parked in the sun, engine turned off, and that the windows are down 1 inch. Get in and sit there for just 10-15 minutes and see how it feels. Pant a little and stick your nose out the window and see if that helps.

While a person can roll down a window, turn on the air, or get out of the car when they are hot, pets cannot. On an 85 degree day, the temperature inside a car can reach 120 degrees and your pet is in danger of heatstroke or even death.

A dog who has only hot air to breath can suffer brain damage in a matter of just 15 minutes!


If you see a parked car with a pet inside on a hot day , call the police who will send animal control.

When it is warm outside, leave your pets at home. Please pass this letter on to a pet lover.

Bonnie Szurgot


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