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Answer Man: Jeremiah 17:7-8 is on the barista's forearm

Dear Answer Man, there's a barista at the Starbucks in the Kahler Grand Hotel who has a Bible verse or something tattooed all over his left arm. I'm curious what it says.

I went out of my way last week to check this out, and barista Trevor is the man with a lot of words tattooed on his left arm. I asked him if it was the whole Sermon on the Mount and he said no, it's a few verses from the Book of Jeremiah — Chapter 17, verses 7-8, which begin, "Blessed are those who trust in the Lord; the Lord will be their trust."

I'm not sure if the complete verses are on his forearm, but it's up to his elbow — and Trevor seemed to appreciate that a customer would turn to Jeremiah as a result of his tattoo.

Dear Answer Man, I'm riding the Empire Builder from Red Wing to Timbuktu this week and I'm told that I can leave my car in a parking lot by the train station for several days. Then I looked online and it appears they have just 10 long-term spots for Amtrak travelers. Is there long-term parking available nearby if I have a problem?

You won't have a problem. I called the Red Wing Chamber of Commerce and they assured me that if you go into the Amtrak station, which is a historical gem on the riverfront, and pick up a parking permit, it has clear directions on how and where to park. Enjoy the trip!


Dear Answer Man, how's a person supposed to get to the Pioneer Campsite when Wabasha County Road 30 is all torn up?

I agree, it's a problem. The county road is torn up from Kellogg to Wabasha, with no access from U.S. 61, so from Wabasha, go to the four-way stop by the Kwik Trip, take County Road 30 south as far as the detour, then follow County Road 24 down and around. It's worth it when you get there.

If you get lost, call 507-421-6514 and tell them the Answer Man's a big fan of the Pioneer Club. The project won't wrap up until September at earliest.

Bad behavior by lawn services

Here's a timely note from a reader:

Answer Man, I thought it was against the law to mow grass into the street. However many lawn mowing business do so. The one I notice most is on either side of Seventh Street Northwest, near 11th Avenue. Just yesterday, there was an article in the paper about fish kill from nitrogen. Who can I contact to prevent this and to enlighten these people on common sense? Thanks. — Kim

Two courses of action: Call the lawn service in question, and if that doesn't seem to lead anywhere, call the city Public Works Department, and specifically the storm water management office, at 328-2440. They'll be keenly interested in the topic.

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