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Answer Man: Just call him K.D.

Dear Answer Man, let's see how smart you are: What's Kim David's real name? And don't call him to find out.

Thank you for such an easy question, so my brain can ease gently into the work week. Kim's real name is Dave Pelowski, of course, and that's been true since he was born about 50-some years ago. He's been Kim David for professional reasons for about 35 years — more years than I've been on this earth.

He's a Rochester native, a Navy veteran, and has been with KROC since 1977, when he was hired as a part-timer straight out of Brown Institute in Minneapolis. He's been news director since 1987 and is described on KROC's website as "the senior member of the KROC staff." Ouch!

Sorry, but I had to contact Kim Monday to get the full story. He says, "When I was preparing to leave radio school, an instructor asked what name I wanted to use on the air. When I asked what was wrong with my legal name, he asked if I wanted to work in Winona the rest of my life. He asked what my middle name was (Kim) and suggested Kim David, David being my first name.

"I began working at KROC right after graduation, and that was the name on my audition tape, so I was stuck with it. These days, I'm best-known as K.D."


As everybody in the Rochester news business knows, you have to get up ridiculously early in the morning to keep up with K.D.

Here's another question about a Rochester media titan:

Hello, All-Knowing One. Do you know what happened to Robin Wolfram at KTTC? She has not been on the air for close to a month. At first, her fellow newscasters said she had the night off. Then it went to "she's off for a while." Now, I don't think they are saying anything about her absence. I miss her, and it seemed like there was such good camaraderie between all the news and sportscasters. Thanks. — Nancy Matthews

Nancy, you simply must remember to read this column every day -- no ifs, ands or buts; you'll be out of the loop if you don't. If you had read Saturday's exquisite column , you'd know that Robin has been out for medical reasons and expected to be back on the air last night. Alas, her doctor recommended another week to recover, and when asked for a second opinion, I completely agreed, so she's now hoping to rejoin her "television family" next week.

Robin, if you need my patented Healing Hen chicken soup recipe, let me know. And readers, if you have a chicken soup recipe that's guaranteed to help Robin get back on the air next week, send them and I'll forward them to the News Center. I hear Randy Brock is an excellent cook.

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