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Answer Man: Lights are on the way to roundabout

Dear Answer Man, can you find out when they will be turning on the street lights at the new roundabout just east of the "bridge to nowhere" on Highway 52? Ever since they made the connection to County Road 12 (White Bridge Road), County 36 to the north and the frontage road to Oronoco to the south, there has been a fair amount of traffic moving through it.

So, after sunset, it's really hard to tell when you're approaching the intersection and telling which side of the road traffic is on — it's a two-lane roundabout. Thanks. — Jim Christensen

I haven't checked out that labyrinth yet, but Kristin Kammueller, a reliable Answer Man source at MnDOT in Rochester, says the lights should be on next week. "They're still getting the source of power installed," she told me Friday, and more lights will also be installed.

Just my opinion, but if Jim's correct, it sounds rather dangerous to open a tricky traffic feature such as a roundabout without having it properly lit at night.

Here's another highway-related question:


Dear Answer Man, why was U.S. 63 closed earlier this week north of Stewartville? All this road work is driving me crazy. — L.P.

MnDOT was making some repairs to the U.S. 63 bridge over Interstate 90. Not sure what they were doing exactly, but it wasn't a major project and the road wasn't entirely closed — there were lane restrictions Monday through Wednesday.

One other traffic item, in case you haven't visited Zumbro Falls recently: The junction of U.S. 63 and Minnesota Highway 60 reopened Oct. 14. That project caused a big detour around Zumbro Falls for weeks, so I'm sure Scooter's, Neptune Bar and other attractions in ZF are grateful to have the roads open again.

Remember that Cajun restaurant?

A while back, a reader named Theresacontacted me and asked if Rochester had any good Cajun restaurants . It was an absurd question, of course, like asking if they have any good lutefisk restaurants in New Orleans, but she was thinking of opening a franchise Cajun place here.

That prompted me to guess at several possibilities , none of which were correct. Theresa promised to tell me if they were going ahead.

Well, they are, and it'll be a Lost Cajun franchise. In fact, Rochester is already listed as one of the four Lost Cajun locations. The other three, which specialize in gumbo, crawfish etouffee and beignets, are in Colorado, of all places.

Theresa says they're still looking for a site here but "Rochester will be enjoying Cajun food by spring of 2014."


In time for Mardi Gras? That might be too optimistic, but hopefully the good times will be rolling by the time Lent's over.

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