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Answer Man: Mayo even has its own flower

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Dear Answer Man, did you know that Mayo Clinic has its own flower? Check it out.

Mayo has everything else, why wouldn't it have its own flower? I assume the World Famous has a star named for it as well.

The trademarked flower is a type of coreopsis called the Mayo Clinic Flower of Hope . It was developed in 2014 as part of the hoopla for the clinic's sesquicentennial, the 150th anniversary of Dr. W.W. Mayo's move to Rochester -- don't get me started on whether that's an accurate way to date the origin of the clinic.

There are bunches of these pretty yellow flowers in the Annenberg Plaza area and around the Gonda grounds, etc., but the clinic says you can "contact your local nursery or garden center to find out how you can purchase the Mayo Clinic Flower of Hope for use in your landscaping and gardens." The clinic says it receives "no proceeds from flower sales."

I checked at a few local garden shops. At Sargent's on Second , I was told, "We did have them in stock in our annual area, but I believe they're sold out." So gardeners have discovered the Flower of Hope, which Mayo says is a way to honor "service to humanity through the beauty of nature."


They're also just pretty flowers. For the record, they like full sun and well-drained soil.

Speaking of Second Street Southwest, at least one prominent Byron resident has complained about traffic congestion on Second Street in Rochester recently. That story was in the news and I'll let you figure out when and where, but here's my opinion: I drive that street at least twice a day and as far as I can tell, traffic moves along just as well as ever, bike lanes or no bike lanes.

Dear Answer Man, I heard a big explosion a week ago Saturday while I was walking around the historic neighborhoods in Red Wing. I didn't read anything about it in the paper, so I assume nothing big happened, but can you check what it was?

I know exactly what it was -- that's why they call me the Answer Man. After much work, I determined that it was probably the opening gun for the "shotgun start" at the Red Wing Golf Club , which celebrated its centennial July 18 with fireworks at night as well.

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