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Answer Man: Mayo strikes deal with Aussie radiology company


Dear Answer Man, I'm an investor in north-central Minnesota and received an email from one of my investment sources on this: what's the deal with Mayo Clinic and a company called Pro Medicus? The latter's stock is on the rise, apparently because of a deal with Mayo. -- Motley, Minn., Fool

Pro Medicus Ltd. is an Australia-based company that makes radiology information systems and image archiving systems. They have a U.S. subsidiary called Visage Imaging , which has announced an $18 million, six-year deal with the World Famous to roll out its imaging technology throughout its facilities. According to the news release, the Visage product "enables enterprise imaging with amazingly fast, thin-client, server-side processing technology, as well as simple diagnostic mobile access."

What's a thin client, you may ask? My stock broker calls me a thin client, but in this case it's a thin desktop terminal that typically has no hard drive, fan, etc.

The Mayo installation will begin in the second quarter of the company's fiscal year 2017 and be completed at the tail end of fiscal year 2018.

The news was announced on the Fourth of July, which is weird, but July 4 is just another day (and not a holiday, needless to say) in Australia. The company's stock trades on the Australian Securities Exchange, and yes, it made a big jump yesterday.


Dear Answer Man, what's the word on the new sushi place on West Circle Drive?

The word is they're open and they have good lineage. Ootori Sushi opened at 2665 Commerce Drive NW, and it's owned by the people who brought you Sushi Nushiki , which was in the Rochester Marketplace area near Target North and closed recently. They also owned Impiana Kitchenon South Broadway, in the space now occupied by Mango Thai.

Ootori Sushi opened Thursday and they have lunch and dinner hours -- call 258-7888 for more info.

FYI, there's some new construction going on in that area, near Crooked Pint (one of my favorite local watering holes), and I'm checking it out. I believe it's a two-story building with a law firm going in on the top floor.

Dear Answer Man, my mom always told me to stay off the phone during a lightning storm. She also said you shouldn't take a shower (inside) when there's lightning around. Was mom right?

Moms are always right, even when they're not. Regarding phones , if you have a landline, yes, there have been instances in recorded human history where someone has been injured or killed by a lightning-induced surge of power through the wire. The odds of this happening are remote, needless to say, but that's what mothers are for, to worry about such things.

There's no similar hazard when using cellphones , though don't stand around outside in a lightning storm texting your friends.

And your mom was also right about showers -- yes, you'd be terribly unfortunate to be the victim of a lightning strike that travels through the plumbing while you're in the shower, but cases have been reported to reliable sources. According to a website using U.S. data, about 15 people annually get shocked while showering, bathing, handling taps or "handling appliances during storms."


In a nation of about 320 million people, that's not many incidents, but again, it's always safer to listen to your mom -- and me.

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