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Answer Man: Meteor lights up S.E. Minn. sky

Dear Man of Mediocre Powers, did you or anyone else see the meteor that flashed across the sky on Sunday night, about 9:45 p.m., fairly low in the western sky? It was bright green like fireworks from a Roman candle, seemed close to the ground, not like a shooting star — it was moving very fast, in a straight line, and then it burned out after about 8-10 seconds.

I was about five miles east of Plainview, headed for Dairy Queen, when I saw this. — Your Boss

Mediocre, huh? Well, I've found at least one other witness to that meteor, which is one more than you found, boss. A neighbor who takes care of my little white dog when I'm away says a guy he knows in Country Club Manor saw it, and I'm guessing many others did as well. If you did, tell me what you know.

Dear Answer Man, is it possible to retract email once you've sent it?

Most of humanity believes this is impossible, but that's where Google comes in. Gmail has an "Undo Send" feature that allows you to change your mind and retract it for up to 30 seconds after sending … not long enough for some of us, but better than nothing.


Click on the Settings logo, go to the General settings and it's about halfway down in that menu.

Hi, Answer Man, can you confirm for me whether the "opening times" for Foster-Arend beach have changed this season? I thought previous seasons it opened at 10 a.m. daily.

Keep up the good work. — Andrew Tye

The beach is open from noon to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday , 10 to 8 on weekends and holidays, and let the swimmer beware: There are no lifeguards on duty. The park closes at 9 p.m. and the gates are locked.

The city parks department recommends the buddy system for anyone swimming in the former gravel pit. Also: no swimming outside the marked area, no booze in the park, no smoking on the beach, no glass containers or dogs on the beach, and let's hope there's good enforcement of all these rules. Rules are pointless if no one's paying attention, including the rule-makers.

Speaking of lifeguards, by the way, I got a call yesterday after deadline from the Byron pool people and they're ready to go for the season. They were to open Monday , weather permitting. Eleven lifeguards completed their certification within the last few days and Eric Counselman , the public works superintendent, said "all our ducks are in a row."

Hopefully not in the pool, though.

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