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Answer Man: 'Plumber's crack' on billboards is an eyesore

Dear Answer Man, I think the billboards with the enormous "plumber's crack" are disgusting. Who's responsible for them?

Those billboards are certainly eye-catching, which I guess means they're effective. There are other ways to go about this, though, than to magnify a butt crack a thousand times and put it on a billboard.

One of the signs is along U.S. 14 just west of U.S. 52, and it shows a slightly exposed rear end with the words, "Cover your butt! Get a colonoscopy."

Rochester is one of the three lucky cities where the signs have been put up, along with Pine Island (for its Elk Run biobusiness empire?) and Fridley. They're part of a Minnesota Department of Health campaign promoting colon cancer screenings. According to the health department, among cancers that affect both men and women, colon cancer is the second-deadliest , and many of those deaths could be prevented with proper screening, especially after you hit 50. If your family has a history of colon issues, you should get screenings earlier.

"We are trying to use humor to deliver a vital message, which is that a colonoscopy can save your life," says health department cancer educator Laura Friedenberg in a news release.


For more information on colon and rectum cancer , go to the health department's website , and I'll link to more online . If you don't have health insurance or can't afford the co-pay or high deductible, the department has a program that may be able to help, called Sage Scopes, and one of the screening locations is in Austin. Call 888-643-2584 for more details.

Dear Answer Man, why were the Segway tours cancelled this past weekend at Rochesterfest?

Carole Brown of Rochestefest says she found out Sunday from Segway people in the Twin Cities that they wouldn't be running the tours. Kinda late notice, since the tours were supposed to run between Soldiers Field and the city-county Government Center Friday through Sunday. Apparently it was related to weather problems in the Twin Cities.

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