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Answer Man: U S Bank strip center is up for grabs

Dear Answer Man, you've been writing an awful lot about real estate this week, and all of it has been fascinating. Since you think you know everything, do you know what property in Rochester is listed as one of the "hottest" in Minnesota?

Of course I do, though just because it's one of the 10 most viewed Minnesota commercial properties on LoopNet.com , that doesn't mean it's one of the hottest. In any case, it's the U S Bank building , just off West Circle Drive at 2665 Commerce Drive N.W. The 14,400-square-foot strip center can be yours for $5.6 million.

Don't make me check your facts

Last week, I conclusively proved that most people like at least one TV in their favorite neighborhood watering hole. I proved this by noting that I can count the number of bars in our area that do not have TVs on one hand (and I do have all my digits).

That provoked this good-natured comment from a reader:


"I always say that a TRUE pub — Irish, British or whatever — with zero TVs would be a gold mine in Rochester. Many people are tired of the distractions and the heinous vibe of a bunch of TVs. One reason I loved O'Neill's Pizza Pub was that they had ONE little TV — and it was rarely on. When it was on, the volume was on '2.'"

Ahh, but O'Neill's did have that TV, and I'm guessing one of the reasons this reader loved O'Neill's was that they DID have that one, tiny, snowy, old-fashioned TV — which, by the way, was always on whenever I was there.

I also responded to this reader, "Don't make me check to see if true pubs in the U.K. still are typically TV-less..."

But I couldn't resist, and from the most rudimentary research, it looks to me as if British and Irish pubs are like U.S. bars — most have boob tubes, and in the U.K. they're tuned to soccer more often than not.

This column is read worldwide, as you know, so if you happen to be reading this on a smartphone while quaffing a pint in a British pub and disagree with me, take a pic and send it to answerman@postbulletin.com.

FYI, regarding O'Neill's: Their website says, "O'Neill's is currently closed for business. We hope to be able to open again at a later date."

That sounds more hopeful than at the time they closed, and I've heard an interesting bit of gossip since then about the potential for O'Neill's to move back downtown, where the business had its start.

Nothing surprises me anymore, and this wouldn't surprise me at all.


You didn't hear it from me

...but Tom Brokaw is in town and taping interviews in Mayo's Plummer Building library. The former NBC news anchor is a Mayo trustee and has a book coming out on May 12 about his treatment at the World Famous for prostate cancer.

Name the cemetery, win a prize

To wrap up today's masterpiece, here's a random item related to the new Menards store, which I wrote about Wednesday, and to the little cemetery nearby that has been there for more than a century. That cemetery is now downstream from Menards parking lot.

Not so far from the new Menards store is another, even smaller cemetery on a ridge with a lovely view. To the east is Rochester and the South Fork Zumbro River valley, and to the west is Byron and the South Branch, Middle Fork Zumbro valley.

What's it called? The first reader to tell me by email or Twitter message gets a Starbucks coffee card.

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