Answer Man: Who has freebies for National Coffee Day?

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Dear Answer Man, do you know where I can get a free cup of coffee for National Coffee Day?

If I were president — and as you know, I explored the idea l ast month — National Coffee Day would be a paid holiday for newspaper columnists. Better yet, coffee and doughnuts would be free every day for everyone.

How's that for a campaign platform? That tops anything President Trump could come up with.

There are plenty of tips online about where to find a free or cheap cup of joe today. I called around to double-check this morning; I know it's late in the game if you're reading this at home after work, but maybe there's free decaf, too.

Dunkin' Donuts is one of the national chains that's pouring a free medium dark roast for anyone who asks, and the shop in the Kahler Grand in downtown Rochester is participating.


At Kwik Trip, you can get a discount on a cup of Karuba with a text-message coupon, and SuperAmericaand HolidayC-stores also have discounts.

Dunn Bros. Coffee in Rochester has a BOGO deal — buy one, get one for brewed coffee.

Caribou Coffee is offering a trade: If you're a perks member and buy Amy's Blend coffee, they'll donate coffee to nurses and families in cancer centers. Starbucks i s doing something similar -- no free cup, but if you buy a bag of beans, they'll plant a tree.

I like trees as much as the next guy, but I'll take the free cup, please.

Dear Mr. Know It All, I bought two Styrofoam hats that say "Rochester Is Fine in '79" at a garage sale. I put it on the Facebook page "You Know You're From Rochester If," but it didn't produce any real answers. Some thought it may be from the mayoral race in '79. What do you think?

Facebook, schmacebook — if you want to connect with people about Rochester, you have to come to me.

I checked the Post-Bulletin's priceless clip files and don't see evidence of a campaign theme from the 1979 mayoral race, when Chuck Hazama was first elected. I've also done some research into other Rochesters, including Rochester, N.Y. — those two Styrofoam hats aren't necessarily from our little town — but find no evidence of a marketing motto or campaign slogan.

Let's figure this out. Do you remember Rochester being fine in '79? If so, tell me.

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