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Answer Man: You're right, that was Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck.

Dear Answer Man, was that Glenn Beck I saw at Mayo Clinic last week?

I don't know if you saw him or not, but he was here.

The conservative media firebrand told the world on his radio show and a few of his websites this week about his visit to Mayo. On his blog Monday, he wrote, "I could not let another day go by without thanking you for prayers and a loving Father in Heaven for answering them."

He said he's had unspecified symptoms recently, and he came to Mayo to have them checked out. He "spent a few long days at the Mayo Clinic. This place is a miracle, and it was incredible to watch them work. Brilliant people and so very kind ... I asked one of the nurses, 'I am being treated like a king, but what is it like for the average person?' I am not sure she understood the question, but her reply was simple: 'Just like you.'"

He said on his radio show and Theblaze.com Monday that he was at Mayo for a few days last week. "Beck said he actually found 'hope for all mankind' during his time at the Mayo Clinic," according to a story on the website, "but not because of his own personal situation. 'I saw a privatized hospital treat people in remarkable fashion,' he added. 'It was the best hospital experience I've ever had in my life.'"


The Web story says Beck lost his voice for a time last summer and had a brain scan while he was here.

Another P-B reader (and dare I assume, an Answer Man fan?) told my boss that he met Nathan Gunn, one of the best baritones around, at Chester's Kitchen & Bar Sunday night. I'm told that Gunn wasn't here to visit the clinic — he was here because his plans to fly to Rochester, N.Y., went awry.

Seen anyone else famous in the skyways and subways lately? Tell me about it.

Here's another item on a conservative radio guy:

Dear Answer Man, conservative radio host Jason Lewis has announced that he'll run for the 2nd congressional district seat. Lewis lives in the 4th District. Isn't there a residency requirement?

Also, one of the DFL candidates was living in Minneapolis but apparently has moved to the 2nd.

Glenn Beck could run for that 2nd District seat, too, if he wanted -- he'd just have to move to anywhere in Minnesota by election day. There's a line in the Constitution that says you have to be an "inhabitant" of the state when elected (and you also have to be at least 25, which rules me out, and a U.S. citizen for at least seven years). Even that term "inhabitant" could be challenged, as a matter of residency.

It's been true for more than 220 years that a person can cherry-pick the congressional district where he or she wants to build a political future.


Dear Answer Man, are you aware of any Rocky Mountain oyster feeds in the area? When we lived in Nebraska, some of the local service clubs would have feeds during the fall season. Another name would be a ... — R.D.W.

Sir, this is a family newspaper.

I'm not aware of any festivals of that sort in our area, though I drove through a dusty little town way out West a few years ago — I think it was called Nowhere, Mont. — and they had a banner strung across main street to promote the local Test Fest.

If you know of anywhere in the area where this delicacy can be enjoyed, let me know.

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