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Broadway tower project remains on ice

Dear Answer Man, I know you're getting tired of this question, but is anything ever going to happen with the Broadway at Center project?

I never tire of any question. There's no such thing as a bad question, and in my case, there's no such thing as a bad answer, either.

I check with Titan Development & Investments and Gus Chafoulias'team from time to time , most recently in December , to take the pulse of this project, which was approved by the City Council in May. Frankly, I've been assured there's a pulse, but the patient refuses to get up and run laps around the property at East Center Street and South Broadway.

I've heard from a little birdie that financial paperwork for the 23-story mixed-use project was to be signed this week, possibly even today, but my editor checked Friday with Sheila Thoma, the marketing director for Titan, and was told by email, "Nothing major to share yet. Closing date hasn't been determined yet."

My colleague, Jeff Kiger, says he's also heard talk about demolition beginning within a few weeks at the site, where C.J.'s Midtown Lounge and two other buildings are nervously awaiting the wrecking ball. But we checked for permits, and there aren't any yet.


On top of this, I've heard interesting things about plans for the former Michaels restaurant building, on the west side of Broadway at that corner. As you'll recall, the site was to be cleared for a likely expansion of Chafoulias' University Square retail center, possibly to include a new Michaels restaurant. Nothing has happened there, either, though when the Broadway at Center project gets moving, the University Square project had better get moving, too, or there won't be a skyway connection.

The tip I heard about the Michaels site was fairly specific, involving a notable Chicago developer who may or may not be interested in partnering with Chafoulias on the retail center and then pursuing something on the corner. Again, Sheila says, "I don't have anything to share on the Michaels property." But I haven't given up on this angle.

The Broadway at Center project was estimated to cost about $140 million as of mid-2015. It's safe to assume the cost has gone up since then. Among the things you wonder about: How long will Hilton Hotels wait around for the project to move ahead without getting cold feet?

Dear Answer Man, can dogs and cats suffer from seasonal affective disorder ? If I get gloomy because I don't get enough sunlight in winter, why wouldn't the same be true for my golden retriever?

I agree, and I see plenty of evidence from my own dog's behavior -- he needs a therapeutic trip to Florida this winter, and as a good master, I'm looking for cheap flights.

I called a Rochester veterinarian this morning, and she said, "Honestly, no, I haven't heard anybody ask about that," and she's not aware of a great body of medical literature on the topic. But as with anything, if you look hard enough online, you'll find something to confirm your most deeply held beliefs, and in this case, there are a few experts who will say that dogs and cats can get the blues from too much melatonin and too little serotonin.

According to one online source , Fido's symptoms can include "lethargy, neediness, behavioral changes such as aggression and inappropriate pottying and a general feeling of 'blah.'"

If a trip to Florida would cure my puppy's inappropriate pottying, I'd fly him there first-class.

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