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Chiropractor comes home to practice

Dr. Patrick Draayer readily admits, "it'd probably be easier if I was just a regular chiropractor."

For starters, it would mean less explaining.

"I actually do something much different from most chiropractors," he said. "It's contact reflex analysis, a way that we check for all kinds of things."

That can include various bacteria, fungus, yeast infections and more.

"We're open to whatever their body is telling us," Draayer said. "It's not common to have a yeast infection in the brain, but we've come across people that have had that and have chronic migraines.


"It's very different, and I'll be the first one to admit it," he said. "It's something that's tough to explain; you have to see it in action."

Draayer is hoping to share his style with area residents; he opened Draayer Chiropractic Center at 109 First Ave. S.E. in early January, though he continues to practice a couple of days a week in Osage, Iowa.

Included in the venture are his wife, patient manager Kylea Draayer, and massage therapist Becky Flaherty.

Draayer agrees that chiropractors' credibility has made great strides, with a clientele that includes expectant moms, people battling hip and knee pain and those who "haven't found answers somewhere else."

He uses special equipment for his pregnant patients, "so I can adjust them with no harm to the baby or mama," he said. "One (area) I do right away is the lower back; I can give them relief on that almost immediately."

Aching arches are another typical trouble spot that responds quickly, Draayer said.

From heartburn to hip pain, often a simple adjustment is all that's needed to alleviate pain. He also offers a special orthotic, designed for the patient following a laser scan of the foot.

"It's very effective for knee, leg and hip pain," Draayer said.


"The only thing is, once you fix them, you don't see them a lot," he laughed. "But that's my job, and they tell their friends, and that's how I stay in business."

Draayer, an Austin native, believes he and his fellow chiropractors are becoming less of a last resort, and more of a first resort.

"That's what I shoot for with my patients," he said. "I do a lot of designer nutrition; we check for exactly what vitamins and minerals they're low in, and try to become their maintenance shop. The thing is, it's easier to stay well than to get well."

Still, Draayer is quick to point out, "everyone has their place. I have medical doctors that I love, and I have a family doctor of my own, but there's a place for everything."

To schedule an appointment, contact the office at (507) 396-8088.

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