PLAINVIEW — A "pocket" of COVID-19 cases has developed in the Plainview area, according to the Wabasha County Department of Public Health.

Tammy Fiedler, the director of public health for the county, said, "We’ve seen a steady increase over the last couple of weeks. By address, we’ve had a pocket out in that Plainview area."

Fiedler said the county had only 30 confirmed COVID-19 cases at the beginning of June, but that number has risen to 66 as of Monday, and much of the most recent increases has centered around the city of Plainview. No deaths due to COVID-19 have been recorded in Wabasha County.

She said the increase is not tied directly to a bar or restaurant and no one event or person can be cited at this point as the source of the recent increase. The Minnesota Department of Health is currently performing contact tracing to alert individuals who have come in contact with those who have contracted the disease.

In the interim, Fiedler said people should avoid gatherings of friends or extended family where the virus might be spread, and monitoring oneself for symptoms such as cough, fever, sore throat, headache, body or muscle acres, fatigue, vomiting, or a new loss of taste and/or smell.

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Anyone with symptoms should arrange a test through Mayo Clinic (507-293-9525), Saint Elizabeth's Community Clinic in Wabasha (651-565-4531) or Olmsted Medical Center in Rochester (507-292-7266).

Wabasha County is working to arrange for a drive-thru testing site, Fiedler said, and anyone looking for updates on that should watch the county's Facebook page or the county public health website at