The staff member at the Rochester Federal Medical Center who tested positive for COVID-19 has not been inside the prison since July 7, according to a Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesman.

The staff member left the state and tested positive upon their return, the spokesman wrote in an email.

"Additional isolation and quarantine of staff and inmates is unnecessary as the staff member is not at the institution," the spokesman wrote.

The positive test was posted Friday, July 31, as part of the previous day's update. This is the second time an FMC staff member has tested positive for the coronavirus. In both instances, the staff member had not been in the facility in the weeks before their positive test result.

According to BOP data, 122 inmates have been tested at FMC Rochester. Of that number, results for 24 of the tests are still pending.

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As of Aug. 3, three other facilities in the state have cases. Federal Correctional Institution Waseca, a women’s institution with a population of 604, has four confirmed cases — two inmates and two staff. Two other women held at the facility have recovered from the virus.

Federal Correctional Institution Sandstone, a men’s correctional institution with a population of 1,049, has one confirmed case in an inmate.

One inmate at a Bureau of Prisons-contracted residential re-entry center in Minneapolis has tested positive for the virus. Nine inmates have recovered, according to BOP data. That facility has a total of 121 beds, the majority of which are for men.

The Federal Prison Camp in Duluth, a men’s camp with a population of 330, had an inmate test positive for the virus in June, but according to BOP data, the person has since recovered, and no new cases were reported Friday.

A total of 106 prison facilities and 43 residential re-entry centers are affected nationwide.

On Aug. 3, there were 2,374 federal inmates and 515 BOP staff nationwide who had confirmed positive test results for COVID-19. A total of 8,273 inmates and 715 staff have recovered. One BOP staff member death and 106 federal inmate deaths have been attributed to COVID-19. Four of the inmate deaths occurred while the individual was on home confinement.

There are 128,603 federal inmates in BOP-managed institutions and 13,712 in community-based facilities. The bureau has approximately 36,000 staff.