Dodge County election results

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Dodge County election results

County Commissioner District 2: Tim Tjosaas, 898; Write-in, 35

County Commissioner District 3: Rodney R. Peterson, 538; Write-in, 4

County Sheriff: Scott Rose, 2,369; Jim Jensen, 2,201

County Attorney: Paul J. Kiltinen, 3,693; Write-in, 73


Soil and Water Supervisor District 3: Larry Scherger, 3,851; Write-in, 21

Soil and Water Supervisor District 4: David E. Livingston, 3,814; Write-in, 19



Mayor: Daniel Martinez, 77; Don D. Gray 65

Council Member (elect 2): Richard "Rick" Butler, 67; Marie Lindblom, 63; Ralph Schwanke, 57; Mike Stupka, 35; Rolland Brown, 28; Write-in, 4

Dodge Center

Mayor: Bill Ketchum, 691; Write-in, 46


Council Member (elect 2): Gary Trelstad, 638; Paul Blaisdell 634; Write-in, 15

Special election for council member: Josh Jorgenson, 694; Write-in, 10


Mayor: Greg Demmer, 227; Write-in, 212

Council Member (elect 2): Anthony Reese, 292; David Subbert, 259; Write-in, 176

Special election for Council Member: Patrick Towey Jr., 403; Write-in, 29


Mayor: Steve Johnson, 709; Matt Nelson; 335; Gary Fitch, 202; Write-in, 7


Council Member (elect 2): Andrew Bell, 54; Coy Borgstrom, 420; Steve G. Breza, 134; Doug Buck, 336; Jason, Farnsworth, 269; Melisa "Mel" Ferris, 291; Jamie Finne, 233; Richard C. Miller, 37; Troy Stafford, 243; Sheldon Torkelson, 243; Write-in, 17


Mayor: Chuck Bradford, 358; Donald Swanson, 104; Write-in, 4

Council Member (elect 2): Don Hofstad, 370, James Maxson, 231; Write-in, 89

West Concord

Council Member (elect 2): Karen Peterson, 222; Michael Faulhaber Jr., 180; Write-in, 17

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