Dover approves 2018 liquor license for Shack Bar

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DOVER — While a few I's need to be dotted and T's need to be crossed, The Shack Bar should get its liquor license for 2018.

Thursday night, the Dover City Council approved a license for on-sale, including Sundays, provided bar owner Jody Wiza submits her paperwork — her insurance was not up to date for 2018 — no later than Dec. 23, said Mayor Roger Ihrke. The city also set a condition that the business remain a combination bar and hair salon as it was originally envisioned.

"Jody withdrew her application for off-sale and for a 2 a.m. closing," Ihrke said. The bar will be open until 1 a.m., except Sundays when it closes at midnight. The exception is New Year's Eve this year, which falls on a Sunday. The council approved all the bars to stay open until 1 a.m. that night.

Wiza still faces issues regarding citations against the bar, including a citation for sale to a minor on Dec. 4. Wiza has appealed several of the citations against her and her bar stemming from a disagreement with the city on whether she was properly permitted for construction and has followed the permit that was eventually granted.

Ihrke previously said if the city wins its appeals case against the bar for previous citations against the liquor license, and if the sale to the underage person is upheld, there would be three strikes against The Shack Bar's liquor license. According to Dover's city ordinance, a liquor license can be revoked after four strikes, but the city council has the option to deny or revoke a license after three strikes if it feels those offenses merit withholding the license.


Because the city went ahead with approving the license for 2018 at Thursday's meeting, a separate meeting for Dec. 27 has been cancelled, Ihrke said.

The Hair Shack in Dover, Minn. will open a new extension The Shack Bar which will serve food and alcohol. Call in and drive through food, eat in or carry out.

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