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Downtown Friday night blotter

Friday night brought out an increased police presence and a lack of significant crime issues.

11:36 p.m. — A group runs across the street, nowhere near a crosswalk, as traffic comes down Broadway.

12:10 a.m. — A large group of young men had gathered on the corner outside Billotti's. A man walked alone down the sidewalk, cursing authority.

12:15 a.m. — A young woman loses her shoe, but couldn't quite get it back on. The same woman is seen minutes later, vomiting in front of Dooley's.

12:25 a.m. — A young man was arrested across the street from Dooley's, placed in handcuffs and taken away.

1:27 a.m. — Mark Bilderback points out some urine in an alleyway by Legends Bar that the group passed previously, noted that this tends to happen more as the night wears on.


1:41 a.m. — A drunk young man approached some of the police officers on duty and asked, "If I'm walking, can I get a DUI?"

2:15 a.m. — A young woman lifted her shirt, revealing herself to three men who stood near her. The nearby officers wasted no time following her down the street, then issued a citation for indecent exposure.

2:40 a.m. — Dooley's employees were walking the perimeter of the business with brooms and dustpans, collecting any garbage that may have accumulated.

2:50 a.m. — The streets were nearly empty. Two men stood on a corner, waiting for their rides to appear.

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