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Extreme 'emptying' easily enjoyable

When asked what hobbies I enjoy or what past times bring me happiness, I start with baking and walking but also include napping and emptying. Are you a fan of emptying too?

The satisfaction that comes from emptying a container usually lifts my spirits like a plate of calorie-free dark chocolate brownies.

Again, let’s be clear; this is a hobby of mine, not any sort of issue I may have.

You’ll know emptying is for you if using the very last bit of shampoo during the morning shower sets your day off on the right foot. On this perfect day you might also finish off the last of a box of cereal, scrape one last application of sunscreen out of a tube that was cut in half four uses ago, and empty the final few teaspoons of ketchup from the old bottle into the new one. My favorite kitchen gadget, a dual-clamp funnel, helps with this task.

Look at the counter of my bathroom vanity to see how serious I am about my love for emptying. At this very moment there are tubes of moisturizer and sunscreen that have both been cut in half as to swipe a few extra uses off the inside of each container. There is also a serum bottle that is precariously balancing on top of another so it can drain an extra application into the new bottle.


Beside those tubes and bottles is a toothpaste tube that I’ve been wrestling with for the past 10 days. However, I’ve never cut open a toothpaste tube to get one last use out of what may be clinging to the neck of the tube.

That’s only something someone with issues would do.

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