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Get a dose of well-being on a tour with Master Gardeners

You don't have to own a garden to get the health benefits that can happen when you spend time around nature. All you have to do to for a plant-based mind and body boost is visit a greenspace in bloom. In this episode of NewsMD's "Health Fusion," Viv Williams highlights this season's "Tour with the Masters" annual garden tour and she shares info about how an event like that can be good for your health.

A garden with blooming flowers and a fountains on a previous "Tour of the Masters" Annual Garden Tour.
A garden with blooming flowers and a fountain on a previous "Tour of the Masters" Annual Garden Tour.
Olmsted County Extension Master Gardener Volunteers
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ROCHESTER, Minn. — Research about gardening's health benefits keeps growing. A Texas A&M article notes that getting your hands dirty in a pot of flowers or bed of tomatoes gets you moving, helps reduce stress, reduces anxiety and gives you a positive outlook. And even simply looking at plants can be beneficial for the mental health of adults and kids.

You can get a big dose of well-being by visiting gardens, parks or any place where green stuff grows. That's a good reason to tag along with this year's "Tour with the Master's" annual garden tour. The University of Minnesota Olmsted County Extension Master Gardeners will guide you through a selection of public and private gardens. Each location features educational topics, including pollinators, rain gardens, clean water, local food, plant biodiversity and horticulture skills.

The tour is designed to inspire interest in gardening and to boost the health of our planet and its people. Many master gardeners join the program because they've experienced the health benefits of gardening firsthand.

"Listening to a baby bird's chirping, being "buzzed" by a hummingbird heading to the feeder, watching a monarch as it flutters among the milkweed, or discovering an itty bitty little seedling all give me hope for the future," says Jan Gerke, co-chair of this year's event. "I feel connected and at peace in my garden."

Details of the 2022 Olmsted County Master Gardener Tour below.


Details of 2022 Olmsted County Extension Master Gardener "Tour with the Masters" annual tour.



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Opinion by Viv Williams
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